Valiyaparmbu, Karassery

Valiyaparambu, Karassery

Valiyaparambu is a small town in Karassery panchayath of Kozhikode district, Kerala. It is located on Koyilandi to Edavanna state highway 34. Valiyaparambu is situated 4 kilometers away from Kozhikode – Malappuram district border. Mukkam town is just 3 kilometers away from here.

Valiyaparambu is well connected by roads. Mukkam and Areacode is the major nearby towns. People usually depend on Mukkam town for their shopping and trading purposes. Culturally people of Valiyaparambu is rooted to Karassery. Valiyaparambu has a mixed Eranad and Kozhikode culture. This is a Muslim majority village where there is a substantial amounts of Hindu community. Indian union Muslim League and CPIM are the major political parties of Valiyaparambu.

Valiyaparambu is mainly an agrarian village. Coconut, arecanut, rubber, tapioca and banana are the major crops. Easter side of Valiyaparambu is hilly areas which are the extension of Western ghat mountain system. Rubber is widely cultivated in eastern hilly areas.

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