Velliyamkallu Heritage Park

Velliyamkallu Heritage Park, Thrithala nestled in the gentle curve of Bharathapuzha is not only infusing enchantment of one’s inner mind with calmly flowing river, but also impue this park with remnants of culturally rich past of Parayipetta Panthirukulam, a popular folktale of Kerala. In Valliyamkallu Park, one can wander though this sanctuary of serenity, where the past whispers its stories of Vararuchi and his wife Panchami while the river sings its songs.

Velliyamkallu Park from entrance, March 2024

There are twelve pillars in the park which are adorned in different colours, commemmorate twelve children of Vararuchi and Panchami as enduring symbols of honour, remembrance and respect. The rythmic flow of the Nila river induces a sense of relaxation and peace. A regulator – cum – bridge which connects Thrithala town and Velliyamkallu Heritage Park. The eldest of the Parayipetta Panthirukulam, Mezhathol Agnihotri’s  ancestral home is visible from RCB.

Thrithala and neighbouring areas was the cradle of Parayipetta Panthirukulam. All the children of the Vararuchi and Panchami, Mezhathol Agnihotri, Rajakan, Pakkanar, Naranath Bhranthan, Karakalamma, Akavoor Chathan, Vaduthala Nair, Vallon, Uppukottan, Pananar, Perumthachan and Vayillakunnilappan who lived in and around Thrithala.

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