National Turmeric Board

National Turmeric Board, a statutory body for increaing awareness about turmeric, developing potential new markets as well as providing leadership in turmeric related matters. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 1st October 2023, announced formation of National Turmeric Board, a long pending demand of turmeric farmers. The board was constituted on par with other institutions like Rubber Board and Spices Board.

Turmeric with its versatile healing properties, making it a value addition in culinary dishes and natural remedies for various ailments. India contributes significantly to the world turmeric production, 60 percent of total production, meeting both domestic consumption and exporting to various countries. Until Telangana formation on 2 June 2014, undivided Andhra Pradesh was the country’s largest producer of turmeric with 35 percent of the country. After the bifurcation, Telengana still maintained top position with 28 percent of total production followed by Maharashtra with 22 percent. Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

India’s aspiration to become third largest economy with a GDP of 5 trillion USD, has to focus each and every aspects of the economy. India plans to achieve 1 billion USD export value of turmeric while comparing 207 million USD in 2023. Such a surge in export value will require special focus on production to finding new international markets. Currently USA, UAE, Bangladesh and Iran are the major importers of Indian turmeric. European Union is becoming a promising market for indian turmeric after covid crisis.

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