6th mile Chakkupallam

6th Mile, Chakkupallam

6th Mile is a small border town in Idukki district on the Kumily – Munnar road situated 8 kilometers away from Kumily town.

Major Facts

1. 6th Mile is also known as Chakkupallam. Chakkupallam is a panchayath headquartered in Anakkara. Even there is a small village in the name of Chakkupallam, 6th Mile is commonly known as Chakkupallam.

2. Kerala state highway 19 which connects Munnar and Kumily passes through this small town.

3. Anakkara town is just 2 kilometers away of 6th Mile. Retail outlets of different products can be seen here. But there is no supermarket here. People here mainly depend Anakkara or Kumily for their shopping needs.

View from 6th Mile town

4. 6th Mile is situated in the midst of major tourist destinations of Idukki district. Proximity to Thekkady gives this area an edge in the tourism map. Hundreds of tourists pass through this town everyday. There are many small and medium hotels in and around 6th Mile. Many homestays also provide shelter to the tourists.

5. Pandikuzhi is a beautiful picnic hotspot of this area. It is located in the border between Kerala and Tamilnadu. Pandikuzhi is an ideal spot for trukking enthusiasts and it provide picnickers a chance to enjoy the exotic flora and fauna that is home to this place. Pandikuzhi is the Paradise of photographers. This location is just 2 kilometers from 6th Mile. Offroad travel is required to reach here.


6. Chellarkovil viewpoint is located just 4 kilometers from 6th Mile. It is one of the breathtaking viewpoints in Thekkady region. Chellarkovil is situated in Kerala Tamilnadu border. There is a waterfall here which originates from the Kerala side and falls in to the Tamilnadu cumbum plains. “Gods own balcony” a watch tower which enables tourists to see the valley of cumbum in Tamilnadu.

Chellarkovil viewpoint

7. 6th Mile is a major cardomom growing region of Idukki district as this town is situated in the Cardomom hills. Cardomom is widely cultivated here. One of the largest cardomom auction centers in the world is located in Puttady, close to 6th Mile. Black pepper is also grown in the cardomom plantations.

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