Agasthyamuzhi is one of the major suburbs of Mukkam town located northern part of Mukkam town. Agasthyamuzhi is a gateway to Mukkam town from north side.

Agasthyamuzhi bridge across Iruvanjipuzha

               Town is located two kilometers away from Mukkam bus Station and 28 kilometers away from Kozhikode city. Agasthyamuzhi is known as the gateway to Mukkam town and western ghat mountains of Kozhikode district. One can travel to Thiruvambady or any mountain towns like Koodaranji or Kodanchery from Kozhikode through Agasthyamuzhi without touching Mukkam town.

Agasthyamuzhi junction

                This is a major road junction which connects to four different directions. The junction has roads to Omassery, Manjeri, Kozhikode and Thiruvambady. Kerala state highway 34 (Koyilandi to Edavanna) pass through this junction town.

Major Facts

1. Prestigious St. Joseph Hospital is located inside Agasthyamuzhi town. It was established in 1994. The hospital is famous for its Gynecology and Obstetrics and Paediatrics department services. There is a huge parking ground and a church is available in the hospital.

2. KMCT Medical and Dental colleges and hospitals are within the vicinity of Agasthyamuzhi.

KMCT Medical College

3. Mukkam Community health centre and EMS hospital are also located in Agasthyamuzhi.

4. Agasthyamuzhi and surrounding area is a major medical hub of Kozhikode which houses five hospitals within five kilometer distance.

5. Agasthyamuzhi hosts Mukkam mini civil station where all government services can be accessible from the same building. Krishi office and  land registration centre are situated here. Many land documents writers office situate around mini civil station.

Land documents writers offices

6. There is a Fire and Rescue service here run by Kerala Government.

Mukkam Fire station

7. Iruvanjipuzha, a major tributary of Chaliyar is flowing through the eastern part of the town. The fringes of Iruvanjipuzha from Agasthyamuzhi to Mukkam has been proposed for tourism development.


8. Agasthyamuzhi – Kaithapoyil road begins  from here and it connects both town through mountain roads.

9. Rose Cinemas theater is here on the bank of Iruvanjipuzha.

Rose Cinemas

10. During summer season, on the shores of Iruvanjipuzha is the hub for football , cricket and other local sports. People here can swim in the river to cool off during a hot summer day.

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