1. Neeleswaram is an educational and revenue hub of north western part of Mukkam municipality in Kozhikode district, Kerala. The town is situated with an equal distance between Omassery and Mukkam.

2. Kerala state highway 34 (Koyilandi to Edavanna) pass through the town. Neeleswaram along with Poolapoyil make the area a fast growing commercial centre.

3. Neeleswaram Higher Secondary School is a major educational institution of this area. Students from Omassery panchayath and Mukkam municipality. The school was established in 1924.

4. Neeleswaram is well connected by roads into four directions. Mukkam is located south of Neeleswaram and Omassery in north. There is a road to reach to Thiruvambady.

5. Neeleswaram is an agrarian village. It is surrounded by highly fertile paddy fields where rice, bananas and vegetables are grown. Iruvanjipuzha, a major tributary of Chaliyar river flows through the eastern part of Neeleswaram. Arecanut and coconut are heavily cultivated here. Adjacent markets in Mukkam and Omassery help farmers to sell their commodities without any hassles.

Neeleswaram village office

6. Neeleswaram is a Muslim majority village where there is a substantial amount of Hindu community and Christian minorities. Neeleswaram and and surrounding areas have 4 mosques of different factions of muslims. Sunnis constitute majority of Muslims. AP and EK factions of Sunnis have separate mosques here. There is a major Hindu temple here.

7. Indian Union Muslim League is the major political party in Neeleswaram and win in majority of local elections with unbeatable majority. BJP is the second largest party here. CPI(M) has also a strong presence in Neeleswaram.

9. Ahammed kutty haji, Abu haji, Venu master, Elemana Subrahmanyan and Bijumon Joseph are the major personalities in Neeleswaram.

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