Ambalakandy is a densely populated village in the Omassery panchayath of Kozhikode district, Kerala.


Located 3 kilometers away from Omassery and 30 kilometers away from Kozhikode city on Malayamma – Koodathai road.

Major Facts

1. Ambalakandy is a village road junction and roads from Manassery, Puthoor and Kattangal converge here. This village has better road connectivity to the neighboring Omassery, Koduvally, Thamarassery, Mukkam and Kattangal.

2. Ambalakandy was previously known as Pandaraparambu.

3. The village has a high standard of living when compare to the neighboring areas due to remittances from the middle eastern countries. A lot of people from Ambalakandy seek labour in Arab countries especially in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.

4. Coconut, arecanut, banana and tapioca are widely cultivated here. There is a huge paddy field in Ambalakandy where rice, banana and other vegetables are also cultivated. Eventhough the levelling of paddy fields takes place here like any other places in Kerala, farmers still sow rice here frequently and keep an agrarian culture here. Ambalakandy has a long history of rice cultivation.

5. There are two streams pass through Ambalakandy paddy fields and it bring enough water for paddy cultivation.

6. Ambalakandy is a Muslim majority village and there is a substantial amount of Hindu community live here. Muslims live in mainly Omassery panchayath sides of the village and Hindu community live predominantly in the Mukkam municipality side of the village.

7. Ambalakandy village is shared by both Omassery panchayath and Mukkam municipality. But culturally and socially the village is more inclined with Omassery.

8. Ambalakandy is a stronghold of Indian Union Muslim League which is continuously been elected in Local panchayath and municipal elections with huge majority. BJP is the second largest political party in Ambalakandy.

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