Thiruvambady is a major migratory town of Kozhikode district, in Kerala.

Bus station, Thiruvambady


Thiruvambady is located 32 kilometers east of  Kozhikode town in the foot hills of western ghat mountain. Thiruvambady town is situated close to Malappuram and Wayanad districts. People from here can travel to Malappuram and Wayanad through the hill roads without touching major highways in Kozhikode.

Major Facts

1. Thiruvambady is the largest migratory town in Kozhikode district and also one of the largest towns in Malabar region. People from central Travencore state, especially people from eastern parts of Kottayam district commenced  large scale migration to Malabar region in the early twentieth century. Unavailability of land, due to huge plantations by Europeans and forest reserves of Government, forced people to seek fertile land in Malabar region.

2. First migration from Travancore to Thiruvambady started in 1942. Three lawyers from Kottayam district were first settlers in Thiruvambady. Joseph Vakeel, K. C Ninan and Shouryar Mathan led the migration to this beautiful forest town.

3. Nayarukolli was the old name of Thiruvambady. This name was derived from an incident in which a Nair was killed by a wild elephant while cutting the bamboo trees.

4. Thiruvambady is the largest and major trading and commercial hub of migratory areas of Kozhikode. People from neighboring Koodaranji, Koombara, Pulloorampara and Kodanchery can easily reach Thiruvambady.

5. Prestigious educational institutions like Sacred heart school and other educational centers are located in and around Thiruvambady. Students from other panchayath  also come to here for quality education.

Sacred Heart School

6. Sacred Heart Forane church, one of the largest of its kind in the Diocese of Thamarassery, is located in the middle of the town.

Sacred Heart Forane Church, Thiruvambady

7. Proposed new Kozhikode International airport location is in Thiruvambady. Unavailability of land for expansion in Karipur airport force Government to seek suitable land for airport without harming environment.

8. Thiruvambady is an utmost agricultural regions of Kozhikode district. Rubber trees are widely cultivated here. Migratory fathers of this area were workers and officers of rubber plantations owned by Britishers in eastern Kottayam district. They learned knowledge and secrets of rubber cultivation and commenced the same in Thiruvambady. Today this area is one of the major producer of rubber in Kozhikode district. Coconut, arecanut, banana, ginger and other agricultural products are also cultivated here. Tapioca is widely cultivated and it is the favourite dish of people in this area.

9. Hindus and Christian communities form a major share of the population and there is a substantial amount of Muslims in the western side of panchayath.

10. The town is well connected by roads. Kerala State highway 59 ( Hill highway), longest state highway in kerala with a length of 1332 kilometers, passes through Thiruvambady town. Agasthyamuzhi – Kaithapoyil road also passes through this town.

11. Thiruvambady has a KSRTC bus operating centre here. Daily inter district services are operated. Buses to Kottayam, Idukki district and vice versa run everyday from here.

12. There are many tourist destinations located close to Thiruvambady. Thusharagiri waterfalls is a high status falls in Malabar is situated 18 kilometers away from town. Arippara falls is 15 kilometers away from here. Vellarimala and Vavulmala peak is close to Thiruvambady. Vellarimala is situated both in Thiruvambady panchayath and in Meppadi panchayath in Wayanad district.

13. Lisa hospital is a prestigious small hospital here established in 1973.

Lisa hospital
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