Ayyappanov Waterfalls

Ayyappanov waterfalls is one of the impressive waterfalls in Malappuram district. It is wider and grander in monsoon season. Water which is cascading over rocks, may not be as magnificent as other larger waterfalls in Kerala, attracts thousands of local tourists here. Rainy water which was stockpiled in vast paddy fields above, falls vertically with a silver sizzling waters into a pond which is artificially created to store water.

Tirur river originates nearby Ayyappanov waterfalls in Athavanadu panchayath. The place was once a bastion of Azhvancheri Thambrakkal, a feudal lords of medieval Kerala.

Ayyappanov waterfalls poses severe safety concerns as the pathways to reach here are not properly developed and adequate safety measures have not implemented in the pond where tourists tend to do water sports activities.

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