SHRESHTA (Scheme for Residential Education for Students in High school in Targeted Areas) is a central government sponsored program to provide financial assistance to the Scedule Caste students to enroll in quality private schools. Admission will be provided to class 9 and class 11 as per the scheme.

While there’s been improvement in access to school education for SC students, there’s still a need to address social inequalities and improve retention rates throughout the educational system.  Countinuos efforts by central and state governments have increased SC students enrollments in government schools, but enrolling in CBSE/State boards affilliated private schools are still an unattainable task for majority of students.

The basic objective of this scheme is to uplift socio and economic status of SC students by giving high quality education for students. Each year around 3000 students will be admitted in different schools through a National Entrance Test for SHRESHTA (NETS) conducted by National Testing Agency. Government will cover all cost of their school and accomodation fee till they have completed course in 12th.

Offering bridge courses to studentsis another provision in this scheme to address learning gaps SC students might have due to various factors can help them succeed at par with their peers. Switching from government schools to a better private school will be a difficult task to adapt in the new environment.

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