Kariyathumpara is a beautiful and picturesque tourist destination near Kakkayam dam in Kozhikode district, Kerala. It is well known for its green meadows and grassy pastures and rivers flowing from Kakkayam dam reservoir. Kariyathumpara along with Kakkayam dam, Urakuzhi waterfalls and Thonikadavu offers an awesome beauty to natural lovers and showcases hight potential for photography and outdoor shooting. It is a growing destination for wedding photography and film shooting.

Kariyathumpara is comparatively a safe tourism destination than other places in Kozhikode which is home of dangerous waterfalls. It is safe for kids and family, as it offers to play in a shallow stream flowing over a rocky surface with plenty of beautiful pebbles. Green meadow shore like spreading green blanket, crystal clear water and mountain standing tall behind, reminds rural landscape of Alps mountain in Switzerland. Locals tourists call Kariyathumpara as the “Switzerland of Malabar”.

There are many fun activities for tourists including horse riding and stacking up pebble stones in the stream. Plenty of pebbles in the stream offers kids and family this funny activities.

Most of the tourists who visit Kakkayam dam and Urakuzhi waterfalls miss this scenic beauty due to lack of proper signboards and information eventhogh it is very close by.


Kariyathumpara is completely a safe destination for kids and family. It is highly recommended to wear life jackets when wading into the waters between rocks. Safety boots are advised to prevent from slippery while walking through pebbles. There is a car parking area and an entrance fee to Kariyathumpara.

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