Karuthaparambu is a small village in Karassery panchayath of Kozhikode district,  Kerala.


Located on one of the busiest Kerala state highway 34 (Koyilandi to Edavanna). Culturally and socially Karuthaparambu is affiliated with Karassery village, western part of Karassery where a UP school and a Juma masjid are located

Major Facts

1. Karuthaparambu is a state highway village of well known Karassery village. It is a highway part of Karassery.  Eventhough Karassery is a prominent and early settlement area of the region, the village is not well connected with major highways. The small pocket roads connect Karassery and Karuthaparambu.

2. Karuthaparambu is a Muslim majority village where two mosques and two madrassas are situated. Socially and culturally the village are rooted with Karassery. Karassery Juma masjid is the main central mosque of this area.

3. It is a Sunny Muslim majority village where both factions of AP and EK have strong presence.

4. The main road in the village is steep and straight which passes through the busy town. Vehicles go at a maximum speed here make serious road safety concerns. There is no proper and safe road crossing system here. Many people have lost their lives and others got injured in road accidents. Both sides of the road is highly inhabited and people cross the road on a regular basis without any safety measures.

5. Road side area is too wide in Karuthaparambu when compared to other areas. People cultivate different kinds of crops including tapioca here on the road side.

Masjid Taqwa, Karuthaparambu

6. Volleyball is the main game played in Karuthaparambu. Evening volleyball game is a regular sighting in the village.

7. Coconut, rubber, arecanut, banana and tapioca are the main crops produced in Karuthaparambu, but agriculture is highly vulnerable from wild boar attacks. Honey is also produced and marketed in and around Karuthaparambu.

8. Indian Union Muslim League is the major political party in Karuthaparambu and CPI(M) and Congress have strong presence here.

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