Koodathai is a junction town in Omassery panchayath of Kozhikode district, Kerala. It lies on Omassery – Thamarassery road in Kerala state highway 34 which connects Koyilandi and Edavanna. Koodathai – Maikavu – Kodenchery road starts from Koodathai town. Koodathai – Velimanna – Puthoor road connects state highway 34 and state highway 68 (Adivaram to Kappad).

Koodathai is a fast growing town. New buildings and commercial shops are being set up. Koodathai town is a Muslim majority area. Hindus and Christians are less in numbers. Eastern parts of Koodathai has witnessed large scale migration in the middle of twentieth century from central Travencore area. Most of the Christian communities here are descendants of migrant families.

Cherupuzha, a tributary of Chaliyar is flowing through Koodathai town. Coconut, arecanut, banana, rubber are widely cultivated.

Koodathai murder case

Koodathai murder case is a serial killing of six persons of a family during a span of 14 years. This case drew wide attention in media and public. Jolly Joseph, the prime accused in murder case is from Kattappana, Idukki district and married Roy Thomas from Koodathai, Kozhikode district in 1997. The first in the series to die in 2002 was mother – in – law Annamma Thomas after drinking mutton soup. In 2011 Tom Thomas, father – in – law of Jolly was died after fainting and falling down. Jolly, the accused was present on both occasions. In 2011, her husband Roy Thomas died in bathroom which was locked from inside. After the death of her husband, suspicion aroused in the family and Roy Thomas’s uncle requested post mortem. This became a turning point in this case. Police found cyanide in the body of Roy Thomas. Uncle Mathew who complained police about the uncertain death of Roy Thomas, was fainted and died in 2014 soon after a party where Jolly allegedly served him poison-laden whisky.

Police believe that Jolly’s intention was to marry Shaju Zacharia, a cousin of her husband Roy Thomas. Shaju Zacharia has a wife named Sily and a two years old baby daughter, Alphine Shaju. In 2014, Alphine Shaju was died after choking on food. Later in 2016 Alphine’s mother Sily died in a dental clinic in Thamarassery. Jolly was present with her at the clinic.

Jolly married Shaju Zacharia, a teacher by profession. Romo Thomas, Roy Thomas’s brother complained about six uncertain death in his family. All investigations point to Jolly and she was arrested in 2019.

Jolly was a pious and churchgoer and well mannered woman in Koodathai. She was very helpful to others according to locals. Jolly’s family was one of the few christian families in predominantly Muslim populated Koodathai. She lied everybody that she is bearing M.Com graduation and working in prestigious NIT Calicut in Chathamangalam.

Edupark Hill view school

Edupark hill view school is a beautiful and picturesque campus in Koodathai. It has a high reputation in the neighborhood about its quality education. The school is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. The school has a magnificent view which is situated on state highway 34.

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