Kudallur is a small and picturesque village town covered with lush green paddy fields situated on the southern bank of Bharathappuzha, second longest river in Kerala. It is located in Anakkara panchayath of Palakkad district, Kerala. It is part of Pattambi taluk and Thrithala assembly constituency. It belongs to Ponnani Loksabha constituency.

It is well connected by roads and railway networks. Kuttipuram – Thrithala road is passing through Kudallur town. Railway line is passing through northern bank of Bharathappuzha river. Kuttipuram is the nearest railway station. Kumbidi, Padinjarangadi, Thrithala and Pattithara are major neighboring towns. Kuttipuram lies 9 kilometers west of Kudallur and Thrithala, 8 kilometers east of Kudallur.

It is a border town between Malappuram and Palakkad districts. Bharathappuzha separates two districts in Kudallur.

Kudallur means joining place

The word “Kudal” means joining and “ur” means place. It is believed that the word “kudal” was derived from the merge of Thoothapuzha (also known as Kunthipuzha) into the Bharathappuzha near a place between Irimbiliyam and Kudallur. Kudallur is a meeting place of three taluks, three panchayaths and two districts. Pattambi, Tirur and Ponnani taluks meets in Kudallur. Kuttipuram, Irimbiliyam and Anakkara panchayath meet again in Kudallur.

Birthplace of M.T Vasudevan Nair

M.T Vasudevan Nair, a novelist, screen play writer and Jnanapith winner in 1995 was born in Madath Thekkepaattu at Kudallur. He spent his childhood in Kudallur on the southern bank of Bharathappuzha. He was inspired and influenced by Bharathappuzha and Palakkad culture and heritage. He has depicted the nature and people of Kudallur gramam in his works. He studied at Malamalkavu school and Kumaranellur school. Naalukettu, Randamoozham and Iruttinte Aathmavu are major works of M.T. He received Jnanapith award in 1995 for his contributions to Malayalam literature. Kendra Sahithya Academy award and Kerala Sahithya Academy award and Padmabhushan are other major awards.

Malamalkavu Ayyappa Temple

It is a famous Ayyappan temple near Kudallur in Anakkara panchayath of Palakkad district. The temple was depicted in famous malayalam movie “Neelathamara”. It is one of the 108 Sastha temples of Kerala. Ambalakulam (pond) on the east side of temple is famous for blooming neelathamara or Chengazhi neer flower. It is believed that if one prays with full heart and dedication to Lord Ayyappa, Chengazhi neer flower or neelathamara will bloom in the pond very next day.

Malamalkkavu waterfalls

It is a beautiful and picturesque small waterfall at Malamalkavu near Kudallur village of Anakkara panchayath, Palakkad district. It is situated near Malamalkavu Ayyappa temple. Locally known as “Chola” is a small stream falls down through the slopy hills.

Vast paddy fields

Kudallur and adjacent areas have vast paddy fields powered by Bharathappuzha and Thoothapuzha. Paddy fields in Kudallur is a nostalgic and homely feeling for all Malayalees. Palakkad district, the rice bowl of Kerala is the largest producer of rice in Kerala.

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