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Mangad is a small town in Omassery panchayath of Kozhikode district, Kerala. It lies 2 kilometers west of Omassery town on Kerala state highway 34 which connects Koyilandi and Edavanna. There is a road which connects Mangad and Puthoor. Mudoor, Omassery, Koodathai, Puthoor are neighboring places.

Mangad is part of Omassery panchayath, Koduvally assembly constituency and Kozhikode Loksabha constituency.

Mangad is a multicultural village where there is a significant amount of both Hindu and Muslim community. Mangad is a hindu majority area in predominantly Muslim populated Omassery panchayath.

Mangad and adjacent areas are the major producers of rice,coconut and arecanut in Omassery panchayath. Vast paddy fields that stretch from Puthoor to Mangad are major agricultural lands in panchayath. Paddy fields encroachment is a serious issue which prevails here. Different agitations against encroachment were held. Mangalore – Kochi natural gas GAIL pipeline is passing through this paddy field.

Royad farm house

Royad farm house which is situated between Puthoor and Mangad is a ecofriendly retreat centre. It provides facilities for weddings reception, corporate meetings, family get together. Swimming pool, children play area,farm house and villas are available here.

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