Koppam is a fast growing town in Palakkad district of Kerala. It lies in Pattambi taluk and Koppam is one of the major gateway to Palakkad district, as it is situated Malappuram – Palakkad border. Koppam is just 6 kilometers away from Malappuram-Palakkad border. Valanchery, Pattambi, Pulamanthol, Cherpulassery and Perinthalmanna are neighboring major towns around Koppam.

Koppam town which serves as a junction to major towns in Malappuram and Palakkad. Kerala State Highway 39, which connects Perumbilavu and Nilambur, passes through Koppam town. SH 39 intersects with Valanchery – Cherpulassery road in Koppam town. Koppam town lies in the middle of four major towns, Pattambi on the west, Valanchery on the north, Cherpulassery on the south and Perinthalmanna on the east. Thoothapuzha and Bharatapuzha are flowing on the north and south side respectively. Both rivers make Koppam and neighboring areas highly fertile. Vast paddy fields are scattered throughout the Koppam grama panchayath.

Koppam Masjid

Koppam Juma Masjid is a magnificent structure which is a most popular landmark and an icon of Koppam town. This huge mosque with 40,000 sq ft in size  which can accommodate 4000 persons at a time, was inaugurated in December 7, 2018 by Panakkad Hyder Ali Shihab Thangal. The Masjid which is 300 years old has gone through many renovations in the past. The Koppam Masjid is situated on the Valanchery road.

Rayiranelloor Hill

Koppam is famous for the presence of Rayiranelloor mala, legendary Naranath Branthan lived. Rayiranelkoor hill which lies 4 kilometers away from Koppam town on Valanchery road. There is a bhranthan statue built on top of Rayiranelloor hill which can be seen from Koppam – Valanchery road. Naranath brathan was believed to live 1500 years ago. He was the son of Vararuchi, famous astrologer of the time and adorned the court of King Vikramadithya. Naranath bhranthan came to Thiruvegappura for learning vedas. He chose Thiruvegappura and neighboring Rayiranelloor hill as his usual adobe. Rayiranelloor hill is also known as “Bhranthachalam”. Naranath bhranthan is considered to be a divine person who pretended to be mad. Every year on the first day of Thulam, third month in Malayalam calendar, believers mount Rayiranelloor hill together and visit Bhranthachalam.

Syndicate Cinemas

Syndicate Cinemas in Koppam with three screens which equipped with modern technologies provide audience high quality sound and visual experience. Screen 1 is equipped with 4K Dolby Atmos while screen 2 and screen 3 have 2K and RGB Laser projector respectively. It has a huge parking space and snacks outlets in the cinema.

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