Venniyoor is a small village in Malappuram  district of Kerala which lies on National Highway 66 between Edarikkode and Kakkad towns. It is exactly a vibrant small-sized trade centre of the area where vegitables, fish and meat outlets and vendors are active. It is  prosperous and economic development is more visible, as Venniyoor diaspora remit their income from Middle-east countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman.

After the construction of new NH 66, landscape of Venniyoor town has switched to a more organized than early worst traffic  stucks which affected economic growth. During the construction of NH 66, residents worried  the road might mean the destruction of Venniyoor town. Earlier traffic from and to Tanur road awfully clogged the busy national highway of Kozhikode – Thrissur.

Venniyoor is a muslim majority town and gulf remittances became the backbone of the economy and human development. Gulf boom in early 1970’s and 1980’s turned mud-walled and  palm roofed houses into concrete structures. Migration of unskilled workers became a compulsion, like thousands of others set off before them. Gulf money made use of a massive construction of houses and buildings as well as educating the children.  There is a small minority of Hindu community and co-exist in harmony.

Venniyoor is part of Tirurangadi taluk and a historical site of islamic cultural and movement. Venniyoor masjid is a major landmark of the area. Before the development of NH 66, the Masjid has a marvelous long entry pathway gate to the masjid from highway. As part of National Highway construction, more than 500 tombs of the graveyard or Kabarstan were relocated and its pathway gate was completely destroyed.

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