1. Manipuram is a small junction town where roads from Koduvally, Omassery, Thamarassery and Kareetiparambu merges.

2. Manipuram is situated in Koduvally municipality in Kozhikode district, Kerala. Kerala State Highway 68 pass through Manipuram town. SH 68 connects historical Kappad and Adivaram.

3. Cherupuzha is flowing through the heart of Manipuram town. There is a bridge in the town to cross Cherupuzha on SH 68, known as Manipuram bridge.

4. Manipuram is a Muslim majority town where a big mosque can be seen on the main road. There is a significant amount of Hindu community also live in Manipuram.

5. Makkattu Illam, a 200 years old structure and cultural centre, is located in Manipuram. Makkattu Illam witnessed important incidents during Malabar rebellion in 1921. When Malabar rebellion followers tried to attack Illam, a Muslim community member gave shelter to the Nambuthiri of Illam and saved his life from them. A sacred grove, an ecological hotspot attached to temples, can be seen in Makkattu Illam.It was also a British military camp during rebellion. Illam hosted as locations for many malayalam movies.

6. IUML and CPI(M) are the major political parties in Manipuram.

7. A local commercial centre where people from four directions come to Manipuram town for shopping.

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